Mr Andersson

Mr Andersson Mr Andersson is a previously healthy 67-year old man and on no current medications. Over the last 10 years he has been experiencing a gradually increasing problem with his micturition/voiding. He sometimes has to strain (increase his abdominal pressure) in order to start up the voiding process, his urinary stream is weaker than before, especially in the mornings and he wakes up 2 times almost every night to urinate even if only a small volume is voided. He urinates 4 times every day and feels that he empties his bladder fullySometimes he becomes a little stressed by his urgency that happens when he is almost home and has his “key in the lock” of the doorHe is also a little bothered by the drops of leakage happening directly after voiding when he leaves the toilet. He has not seen any blood in his urine.

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