You meet Mr Andersson

Mr Andersson is now at his family physician's office and tells you about these symptoms. His wife is the one who really "forced him" to visit the doctor because she is worried. Apart from his lack of erectile function, Mr Andersson is quite satisfied with the situation. Nonetheless, he feels that he cannot satisfy his wife as he would like to anymore. How would you proceed in this situation?

Option a: Prescribe PDE 5 inhibitors (Viagra®) because it also improves his lower urinary tract symptoms and only request a follow-up visit if the medication does not work.

Option bPerform a digital (i.e. finger) examination of the prostate through his rectum, check the residual, and take some lab tests (urinary dipstick and PSA). Also, have the patient fill out an IPSS tool and a voiding diary. Ask him to return for a follow-up appoitment in a week's time to discuss his therapy.

Option cRefer to a urologist for a cystoscopy of the lower urinary tract.

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